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Working on your studies in a fun and understandable way.

I can teach you a lot as a study coach.

This way you can enjoy learning again and the  numbers by itself. Have a look at the schedule below.  There are certain points that you want to improve in order to achieve good results in the future. This is also covered during my coaching!

learning strategy

stomp words

spelling and grammar


  concepts, definitions and formulas  

workpiece or presentation  


  prepare for  your talk


Enjoying making and learning

to place and overcome the origin of reluctance

studious and inquisitive attitude

Learning to deal with disappointments


Setting priorities and making good choices

Recognizing and solving backlogs yourself

Don't wait for homework or test but take the initiative yourself

Learn where to find resources

Positive self-image

Control everything you need and want to do  

To gain a sense of competence

Success experiences give self-confidence

Recognizing (Failure) fear and how do you deal with it?

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