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Hazel van der Hak

My name is Hazel van der Hak, I live in Maastricht and I have a diploma  Youth coach & educator.  I am also the founder and owner of Coach Hazel. And mother of an 11 year old daughter.  

I have been involved with young people for over 20 years. Mainly with coaching and guiding
  of young people in various fields. 

As a youth coach I get a lot of help questions, such as:  not feeling well, depressive complaints, not knowing what you want in terms of study or work, problems at home, suffered from the corona time. But also in the field of study I get a lot of different questions. Certainly if the points lag behind, it is the parents who often sound the alarm. Many problems I encounter are; not do not know how to learn, not motivated. Starting learning too late, or having no idea how to learn something.  


That is actually a shame because these are things that ensure that you enjoy your studies. And I can help you with that. 
Coaching can be done in many ways,
  depending on the situation. But the most important thing is that I look together with you at what is important to you right now .  

It is important that you as a young person are always central to me

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